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Favors received through the intercession of Father Paul of Graymoor:

Felicia of Chapel Hill, NC, reports she had been praying the prayer for Father Paul's canonization for her friend Joyce E. of Buffalo, NY, who was being treated since last October 2015 for cancer of the lymph system.  She had undergone some serious treatments and they were not working well.  Felicia received a prayer card for Father Paul's Canonization inside a letter from Fr. Emil Tomascovic, SA, a Franciscan Friar of the Atonement.  She said she began to pray the prayer for Joyce, who had to undergo additional treatment. In September 2016, she spoke with Joyce and her most recent tests show she is in total remission.

Frederick H. in Arizona had been praying the Fr. Paul Canonization Prayer and asking that he successfully go through a complex cataract operation which required anesthesia.  He wanted to report that the surgery went very well yesterday (August 9, 2016) and his vision is coming back already.

Mary E., Severna Park, MD, and others were praying to Fr. Paul of Graymoor for his intercession for Lucea Palermo, a baby who has not been born yet, because her heart had not developed right. Doctors said Lucea was going to need open heart surgery immediately upon birth. They were praying to Fr. Paul to intercede with the Christ to restore Lucea’s heart back to what it should be.
Mary, who is the baby’s grandmother, reports that an appointment with the pediatric cardiologist and an echocardiogram, resulted in the doctor believing that the cardiac abnormality is not as severe as earlier thought. The anatomy of the baby's heart is abnormal, but not so much so that she will need open heart surgery immediately. She may need minor cardiac surgery (not open heart but through the artery), when she is older (3-5years old), but even the possibility of that has been downplayed. The cardiologist even felt that it was not necessary for Laura to be seeing a high risk obstetrician.  They continue to pray that Lucea will continue to develop without serious heart issues.

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