Ave Maria Hour

Ave Maria Hour Radio Show

The popular Ave Maria Hour was aired over 350 radio stations and the Armed Forces Radio Service from 1935 until 1969, encouraging, inspiring and entertaining millions of listeners. Recorded in a studio in New York City and on the grounds of Graymoor, these historical dramatizations received many awards for religious radio programs sponsored by the American Exhibition of Educational Radio and Television programs of Ohio State University. It received the Golden Bell Award in 1959, presented on live television by famed variety show host, Ed Sullivan. The library of existing Ave Maria Hour broadcasts holds over 2,500 recordings on 12" and 16" vinyl records. This treasure of broadcasting history is stored in a climate-controlled environment at the Archive/Record Center at Graymoor. In 2008, the Friars began restoring and converting the recordings into a digital format, starting with the much-in-demand series The Life of Christ (44 shows) which are now rebroadcast weekly on Internet Radio and iTunes. Each show is introduced by Fr. Bob Warren, SA, and runs about 30 minutes. Listen each Friday at 10am ET on Blog Talk Radio where you can visit a digital archive of shows or download a podcast anytime.